Therapy, Movement, and Community for Wellness and Liberation!

A multilingual, woman-owned practice that promotes a holistic health model taking into account the social and political contexts that impact our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health with responsive modalities of healing, rooted in culture, spirituality, and community.

Unlike most western psychology and therapy, MAYAMOTION Healing integrates an interactive – culturally grounded approach through mental health psychotherapy, consulting, somatic therapy, art, dance, and practices that result in self transformation, wellness and liberation.

Maya Sol Dansie, LCSW, MSW

Mayamotion Healing Programs

Individual & Family Therapy

Dance and Somatic Movement

Community Movement Building

Terminology & Language

All programming and therapy is offered in English, Spanish & Spanglish.

*Latinx used throughout my website and programming is utilized as an umbrella term to bring attention to going beyond the heterosexual gender binary of distinct male and female identities and sexualities. The use of X allows for awareness that male/female energies are present in all humans regardless of sex and that there are more than two genders.

Within our Latinx community, folks may identify as Chicano/a/x, Mexicano/a/x, etc. and may reject Latinx entirely. I personally identify as Xicana with the X implying an indigenous consciousness as it is central to my identity. Rather, Latinx is addressing the spectrum of identities specifically within the US due to its political nature referring to the modern day first generation experience.

For example, folks in Mexico, Central and South America would not necessarily identify with Latinx due to political and social locations and native Spanish-speakers would not necessarily move to make the Spanish language non-binary with the X as it is not a fluid way of speaking, as oppose to the ‘e’.

My words of truth | PALABRA

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Love is Love
  • Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes
  • No human being is illegal/Nadie es ilegal
  • Not one more/Ni Uno Más y Ni Una Más
  • Women’s rights are human rights
  • Religious and spiritual freedom
  • Indigenous Sovereignty
  • Schools Not Prisons
  • Science is real